Most charting tools offer limited capabilities for bubble-charting visualization. We try to fill this gap with 5dchart Add-In by offering a feature-rich bubble-charting tool combined with a user-friendly interface. With 5dchart Add-In, you can control almost all the elements of a 3D scene, including the volume of the bubbles, the positions and colours of the bubbles and the axes and surface projections. You can also rotate the scene, change the camera point and export the resulting image with high-quality resolution.

But don’t take our word for it. Try 5dchart Add-In now and see for yourself!

My special thanks to Dr Timur R. Gareev, who has suggested using three dimension bubble charts for portfolio analysis, and who inspired us to develop software as an add-in for Microsoft Office Excel, which allows professionals to operate with complex data sets in a single environment.

Roman Demyanets