Welcome to the quick start guide for the 5dchart Add-In for Microsoft Office Excel.

Select four continuous rows of data and press “Create data sheet”.


The data sheet is created automatically and contains all the settings for customizing the appearance of the chart. Please note that data on the datasheet is linked to the initial data, so you don’t need to change it twice. You can have multiple charts and corresponding data sheets for a single portion of the data. See the table below for a description of all the fields in the data sheet.


Create a chart by pressing “ReGenerate chart”.


You can control view, as follows:
Rotate – hold the right mouse button
Pan – hold Shift + the right mouse button
Change field of view – hold Alt + the right mouse button
Reset camera – press Home key or double click middle mouse button
Set new point of rotation – double-click the right mouse button
Switch between trackball and turntable rotation mode – Ctrl + T

Adjust the scale of the bubbles using the S- and S+ buttons.

Copy the chart image to the clipboard by clicking the “Copy to clipboard” button.
Saving the chart image in higher resolutions that are needed for printing is only possible in the purchased version of this add-in. Click “Save image” and choose needed DPI.

You can copy data from the legend and paste it into your presentation or any other document.

The camera position and small chart thumbnail are saved to the data sheet automatically.

Description of the data sheet fields


Show legend Enable/disable legend display
Legend numbers Show bubble numbers in the legend
Legend color Show colour indicator for bubbles in the legend
XY pane visible
XZ pane visible
YZ pane visible
Enable/disable axis panes visibility.
0 – disable axis pane
1 – show axis pane with border
2 – show axis pane with border and cross lines
3 – show axis pane with a grid
Background color Define the background colour of the resulting chart.
The evaluation copy will have additional evaluation watermarks
Text color Text colour of chart legend
Text size The text size for the legend text. Default – 100%


FOV Field of view
X, Y, Z
Look at X, Look at Y, Look at Z
Up direction X, Up direction Y, Up direction Z
These cells store data on the last camera position.
Clear all the values to reset to the default position

Axes X,Y,Z

Name Name of the axis
Length factor Length factor of the axis.
By adjusting this parameter you can make the axis longer or shorter
Min Minimum value
Crosspoint Point of crossing with other axis
Max Maximum value
Unit Step of the axis
Axis color Colour of the axis line
Show axis name Enable/disable axis name caption
Show unit marks Enable/disable unit marks on the axis
Show unit labels Enable/disable unit labels for one axis
Show min Enable/disable visibility of the min value mark
Show crosspoint Enable/disable visibility of the crosspoint
Show max Enable/disable visibility of the max value mark
Text color Defines the colour of all the captions for the axis
Text size Size coefficient for the axis text captions

Axis S

Name Name of the size axis
Scale Scale factor
Type 1 – scaling as bubble radius (for cube – 1/2 length of side)
2 – scaling as bubble volume

Regression plane

Show plane Enable/disable regression plane display
Color Colour of the regression plane
Width Width coefficient
Length Length coefficient
Cell size The size of a cell
Minor/Major cells Minor/Major grid line intervals
Resulting equation A placeholder for the resulting equation


Name Bubble name
X, Y, Z Bubble position
S Bubble size (Radius or Volume, see Axis S type)
Color, opacity Background – bubble colour, value – opacity. Default – 100%
Type 0 – hidden from chart
1 – sphere
2 – cube
Show label 0 – no label
1 – bubble name
2 – bubble number
3 – bubble size
Label color Bubble label colour
Label text size Bubble label text size factor
XY XZ YZ projection Coefficient for enable/disable Projection of the bubble to the axis panes
XY XZ YZ line Draw line from the bubble to the corresponding axis panes
XY XZ YZ line projection Draw line projections of the axis panes (only if the XY XZ YZ lines are enabled)