1. Sometimes “ReGenerate chart” button is disabled when you open the previously stored 5dchart spreadsheet. It occures by the MS Excel loading model. To fix it please reopen your file. It is not needed to create the spreadsheet anew.
  2. In some cases, when using a transparency inner bubbles may disappear, if they fully inside. This is due to 3d engine capabilities.
  3. Fixed in 3.1. In some cases it was impossible to create data sheet due to use of special characters in the name of a source spreadsheet.
  4. Fixed in 2.1. Freezing when saving a high resolution image. For now please use smaller chart window or pick a smaller dpi menu item from the list.
  5. Fixed in 2.0. The number of bubbles is constrained by Excel memory limits only. The number of bubbles is limited by 255.
  6. Fixed in The error occurs and you can’t create 5dchart Add-In data sheet properly if you have previously set MS Excel default chart belonging to one of the following chart groups: Stock charts and Surface charts. Please set any other MS Excel default chart type.
  7. Fixed in 5dchart Add-In supports strictly the default .xlsx Excel Workbook file format. If you open, for example, a document of Excel Workbook 97-2003 type, you can’t create workable 5dchart spreadsheet inside it, the error will occure. Before using your old version file please save it as a new Excel Workbook.