What is the 5dchart Add-In?

5dchart Add-In is an add-in for Microsoft Office Excel that allows you to create a bubble-chart visualization for multi-dimensional complex data.

How is 5dchart Add-In different from other charting tools?

5dchart Add-In is unrivaled bubble-charting tool.
5dchart Add-In offers a feature-rich bubble-charting tool combined with a user-friendly interface. With 5dchart Add-In, you can control almost all the elements of a 3D scene, including the volume of the bubbles, as well as the bubbles’ positions and colours, axes and surface projections. You can rotate the scene, change the camera point and export the resulting image with high-quality resolution.

Will there be a version for Microsoft Excel for Mac?

No. There is no Macintosh version planned.

Will there be any updates to 5dchart Add-In?

Yes, we will be constantly updating 5dchart Add-In.

Will I have to pay for 5dchart Add-In updates?

No. You can get free 5dchart Add-In updates until the next major release.

What guarantees do I have?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We recommend that you test our free evaluation copy before purchasing the software.

Where can I get support for 5dchart Add-In?

You can use the 5dchart Add-In help page.

Can I install my license key on another machine?

According to the EULA, you can install 5dchart Add-In on two devices for concurrent internal use.

Can another person use my license key?

No. A key may only be used by one user.

What languages is 5dchart Add-In available in?

At this moment, 5dchart Add-In is only available in English.

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Who will be processing my orders?

All 5dchart Add-In orders are processed by Avangate BV becomes 2Checkout, our e-commerce partner and global reseller. Avangate BV becomes 2Checkout is a well-known payment processor handling sales for thousands of software companies worldwide. Visit Avangate BV becomes 2Checkout’s website to learn more.

Will my order be secure?

Yes. The order forms are run on secure servers, utilising encryption technology to safeguard all credit card transactions from unauthorised viewing. Industry-standard SSL encryption is used.

How can I pay for 5dchart Add-In?

You can use a credit/debit card, PayPal or a bank/wire transfer. You can also pay by fax.

How can I obtain an invoice?

If you need a written invoice, our e-commerce partner Avangate BV becomes 2Checkout would be happy to provide you with one. For more details please see the Avangate BV becomes 2Checkout FAQ page.

What taxes are applied to the initial price?

Tax/VAT may be added for certain countries (exact details are provided before the order is completed). The FAQ page of our e-commerce partner Avangate BV becomes 2Checkout contains more details.

How do I get the 5dchart Add-In version I purchased?

The latest version of 5dchart Add-In can be obtained from our Download page. There is only one installer for both the trial and the registered versions of the software.

I have payment-related issues. Who should I contact?

For payment-related issues or questions, please contact 2Checkout customer support center.
Tel: +31 88 000 0008 (24 hour support) – International
Tel: (650) 963-5701 (24 hour support) – USA and Canada

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